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At Massey, Clark, Fischer, we value our community which is exactly why we are proud of our ability to provide our hardworking neighbors with high-quality Florida Long-Term Care Insurance. Incredibly, over the next decade, more than 29 million Americans will be turning age 65.

There is no question that people are living longer. Although the lifespan of Americans continues to increase, many individuals don’t thoroughly plan for how they will support themselves when they reach their golden years. If you are determined to take care of yourself and your living expenses as you get older, and are looking for coverage that will help pay for care received outside of a hospital, purchasing Florida Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) may be your answer.

Turning age 65 is a tremendous milestone and an opportunity to reassess your life goals and long-term care options. But with the average cost of long-term care services constantly increasing each year, how long will your savings and retirement pension hold out?

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Remember, Medicare and Medicaid will only address your immediate health care needs. Long-term care involves how and where you will see out the last decades of your life. Most of us want to remain in our homes.

No one looks forward to the possibility of having to live in a nursing or retirement home, but if you haven’t planned for your independence, how can you expect to keep it?

At Massey, Clark, Fischer, our Florida Long Term Care Insurance solutions are designed to help you hold onto your independence, help keep you in your home, and offset the soaring costs of in-home, long-term care.

Here are some statistics you should be aware of:

  • 1 in 10 people between 55-65 need long term care
  • 1 in 4 people between 65-80 need long term care
  • 1 in 2 people over the age of 80 need long term care

The cost of long-term care is drastically underpriced at the moment – and if you and your spouse both enroll, you could enjoy a 25-35% discount on your premiums.

Don’t hesitate – the longer you wait, the more you will have to pay. Secure your Florida Long-Term Care Insurance with Massey, Clark, Fischer today!


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