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A ‘fleet’ may be a single car that your company uses to do quick deliveries to local clients, or it may be a hundred trucks used for hauling or construction.

Fleet Auto Insurance is a type of insurance that will cover four or more vehicles and drivers under one policy. Regardless of how many vehicles the company owns or leases, commercial fleet auto insurance is required to adequately help protect the company (the employer), the vehicle and its drivers, and those that they affect in the course of an accident.

How does Fleet Auto Insurance differ from regular auto insurance?

With Fleet Auto Insurance, there is no personal ‘owner’ of an automobile; the owner of all vehicles listed on a fleet auto insurance policy must be a company (the employer), whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a corporation. So, while your personal comprehensive auto insurance policy may cover personal items of value that are in the car at the time of an accident, fleet auto insurance generally does not.

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State laws surrounding auto insurance for commercial vehicles is almost always different than that of regular cars, and the value of the vehicles is generally much greater for fleet auto insurance.

What are the benefits of Fleet Auto Insurance?

With many different benefits, this type of insurance can save many of the hassles that would arise from having different separate insurance policies, or other types of auto insurance. It is generally used by companies that use vehicles to travel for business purposes but this type of insurance can also benefit an individual that drives many vehicles.

Company materials, tools, products and other items that are in the vehicle generally will not be covered by fleet auto insurance.

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