When Your Office’s Air Conditioner Fails

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 07/24/2012

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Working in a hot office building can really suck the life out of you. Similar to the feeling you get when your cell phone stops working, it becomes extremely hard to understand how we used to even LIVE without air conditioning when your office’s air conditioning breaks down. Keeping yourself cool isn’t normally something you worry about during the day because the temperature is usually at a steady 72. When the temp shoots upward, you’ll want to be prepared to take the heat.

If you know about the lack of cool air at work before you go in, make sure your work clothes are made of natural breathable fabrics. Ask your boss if there will be any leniency in the dress code while the air conditioner is on the fritz. He may let you where shorts or skip the mandatory jacket and tie.

Bring a fan to place on your desk. Even warm air feels cooler when it’s being circulated properly. Also make sure you are properly hydrated during the day. Bring extra water and maybe a cooler with some ice you can refresh yourself with throughout the day.

If you are normally an “eat at your desk” type worker, maybe today’s a great day to change it up a bit. Take an actual lunch break in an air conditioned restaurant. If you’re not ready to take that step, at least go eat your lunch in your air conditioned car.

Hopefully your office will be cooled off soon. If it’s really unbearable, talk with your boss and let him know your concerns. If you start to feel sick or weary in the heat, you could be experiencing heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Do not let it get that far by keeping yourself as cool as you can throughout the day.


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