Umbrella Coverage For Additional Liability Protection

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 04/10/2012

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Florida commercial insurance products typically cover liability risks such as bodily injury, personal injury, property damage and financial harm. Are you satisfied that the liability coverage your business carries provides adequate financial protection if a significant judgment was awarded against the business?

We have developed a litigious culture and clients often don’t hesitate to exercise their right to sue if they feel that they have suffered harm because of your business. Mistakes, errors of judgment and accidents happen in every business and it’s over-optimistic to believe that your good relationships with clients are likely to render you immune to the risk of damages claims.

Umbrella coverage provides an additional layer of insurance protection when the liability limits of your standard commercial insurance are reached. As well as increasing liability limits, umbrella insurance extends coverage to areas that may not be included in primary policies.

Talk to an agent today about protecting the business capital that you have worked so hard to earn against erosion due to heavy litigation costs. Our agents are professionals who are familiar with the insurance needs of local businesses and can help you find value for money umbrella insurance or special liability coverage to supplement standard Florida commercial insurance and liability coverage.