Tips For Your Graduation Party At Home

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 05/05/2014

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May is here, and that means it is graduation season! Bells will be ringing, the music will be playing, and the graduates of the surrounding high schools and colleges will soon be proudly walking out to collect their diplomas and degrees. If you’ve got a grad in your family, celebrate the accomplishment of graduating by throwing a party at your home! Here are a few tips.

Monitor alcohol consumption. Alcohol can liven up a party or be an integral part of a fun night, but it is important that you offer a place on the couch or in the guest bedroom for anyone to stay who has had too much to drink. Don’t let any of your guests drink and drive!

Encourage celebration. The best way to celebrate is often by giving a gift. Your grad is celebrating a huge accomplishment, so encourage friends and family to give gifts to celebrate.

Provide healthy options. If guests have special dietary restrictions, allergy concerns, or other health needs, you want to make sure there is still enough food for everyone. It’s important to have options – you can even encourage people to bring food!

Invite the extended family. Often times, you want to keep your loved ones at a distance that will keep everyone happy and sane. However, graduation is the time to get everyone together to proudly celebrate a lifetime achievement!

Have home insurance. Of course, no party at your house would be complete without the proper homeowner’s insurance coverage you require. A home insurance policy provides you with the safety and security you need to have people over and not worry. If damage or injury occurs, your liability is protected – reach out to us today for coverage!

Your graduate deserves a party, and you want to make sure it goes smoothly. After all, this is such a special time of year, and graduation is a lifetime achievement and milestone. With these tips, you can give your grad a party he or she has always dreamed of. *


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