Stay Safe On The Water With Florida Boat Insurance & Safety Equipment

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 07/28/2011

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Think about this. You are out on your boat enjoying time with family and friends, participating in different water sports such as tubing and waterskiing. You glance away for a second at the beautiful sunset in the distance, only to look back in time to see a huge rock approaching in your path. You do not have time to avert the watercraft out of the way of the oncoming rock. Your boat smashes into the rock and comes to a halt.

In a situation like this, there could be many issues that arise after such an incident. You want to first make sure that no one in the boat is hurt, and if so call for medical help. After checking to see if everyone is okay, you are going to have to take a picture of what has happened to give to your Florida boat insurance agent, so they can process the claim.

No coverage? Ouch. Having your boat insured is important not only if damage occurs to the actual boat, but if anyone is hurt in an accident. Summer is not over yet. If you do not have coverage on your boat you should contact your local Florida insurance agency to get quoted. It could save you time and dollars out of your pocket if an accident were to happen. No matter how seasoned you are in driving and working boats, accidents can always occur, even if it is not your fault.

Be safe on the waterways this summer, always pay attention to where you are going, make sure you have enough life jackets aboard for each passenger, and never consume alcohol while driving your boat. If you keep the basics in mind and are prepared with Florida boat insurance and safety equipment, you should be all set for the rest of summer on the water!


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