South Florida Business Spotlight: The Shoe Spa

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 11/08/2012

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As an agency who offers Florida Commercial Insurance to local businesses, we have a passion for the businesses we insure as well as the community at large. This space is dedicated to providing a well deserved spotlight to the locally owned businesses that make our community so unique. If you would like to see your business promoted by Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc., please email us at The content below was provided by our friends at The Shoe Spa.

The Shoe Spa is the intersection of comfort and fashion footwear. We know what you go through when dealing with foot pain and ugly shoes. You’ve tried lower heels, rounder toes, thicker soles, special footbeds, and orthotics. You’ve got your 8-hour shoes, 2-hour shoes, and the infamous 35-minute shoes. But most of the shoes you count on to be comfortable are collecting dust in the back of your closet, a monument to shoe designers and stores who just don’t get it.

Well, all that’s changed – shoes can feel good and look beautiful too.

In the spring of 2005 Beth Weingarten visualized a unique concept for a new type of shoe store because she was frustrated by not being able to find a good selection of designer and fashionable comfort shoes in one location. Comfort and fashion were two concepts that just didn’t exist together. However, in this fast paced world some things never change – like the need for comfortable shoes and a woman’s desire for beauty and fashion. Thus the foundation for The Shoe Spa was born. The research and planning was done, the store was built, and in December 2005 the visualization became a reality. Along with her husband John, and son Michael as partners. the new store was opened, and proved to be an immediate success.

The only dilemma with the store was that from day one it was too small. Therefore, in the fall of 2009 The Shoe Spa moved into a larger location in the same marketing area of Palm Beach County, Florida. Being blessed with wonderful clients business has continued to flourish. It’s been said by many of their vendors that they have created one of the most unique shoe boutiques in the country with the best selection of fashionable comfort shoes found anywhere.

The Shoe Spa atmosphere is greatly enhanced as a result of having owners present at all times. Not wanting to jeopardize our service or dilute the shopping experience by opening more stores, they wanted to build business beyond the confines of the one store. Thus it was decided to begin selling off of the company website. Michael took the responsibility of researching and developing the web business, and in April of 2012 the first sales were realized. They search the world to bring you the best selection of luxury comfort shoes that are stylish, good for your feet and will lift your spirit.

The Shoe Spa, both online and in-store, offers a uniquely different selection of comfort footwear that ranges from classic to modern, sophisticated to funky, with a little bit of whimsy too. It’s all brought to you with unsurpassed service for absolute satisfaction. Their selection is a world away from the usual, and all based on comfort technology. You may not recognize the brand, but you’ll never forget the styling and comfort or the experience.

The Shoe Spa – where you’ll find the best selection of luxury comfort footwear anywhere.

Open at least

  • 10-6 Monday/Saturday 11-5 Sunday
  • We are located at Garden Square Shops
  • NW corner of PGA Blvd. and Military Trail
  • 10953 North Military Trail
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • 561-775-6113

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