Selling Your Produce At Markets? Make Sure You’ve Got It Covered!

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 05/07/2012

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People in Florida like to grow and bake things and then sell them at the local farmers’ market, produce stand or bakery. The fresh egg business continues to become more popular. At what point should a Florida general liability insurance policy be considered when you are selling food items to the public or to friends?

A home-based business which is growing in popularity is raising “back yard chickens” for eggs. Enthusiasts are happy to share their expertise on how to raise laying hens, choosing a suitable breed, and how to build the chicken coop. The benefits of truly fresh local eggs are being touted for their many nutrients and vanilla-type taste when eaten raw. If this sounds too slimy for you, there is always the option of the various fruits and vegetables you can grow organically in your backyard garden instead.

When it comes to selling your produce at markets, there will always be a possibility you will incur liability from someone getting sick from eating the produce. Ironically, your backyard free-range organic eggs might have a very slim chance of getting someone sick from something like salmonella, since salmonella might be more likely to be the result of unsanitary farm conditions. To be on the safe side, make sure you keep your chickens and their housing clean and that you sell your eggs quickly or keep them refrigerated. Also, make sure you have a talk with a local insurance agent regarding Florida general liability insurance. Call us for more information on general liability insurance for your organic food business.


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