Running a Car Wash could clean you out, which is why you need our Florida General Liability Insurance for protection!

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Saturday, Dec 31, 2011


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Car Wash businesses do a roaring trade in Florida. Many car wash operators offer extensive services in addition to the basic car wash. With detailing, clear coat protection, wax, polish, and tire shine, they truly are a one-stop shop for keeping people’s cars looking fantastic. However, the financial rewards of a good car wash business can be undone if you are not adequately covered by Florida general liability insurance.

Many people are very particular about their vehicles and that is why they choose your car wash for the services it offers. Should something, unfortunately, go wrong in the course of providing the ordered service, the client may seek compensation for damages they feel were caused by your services.

With any business involving water and high pressure, the propensity for damage is high. Water penetrating a vehicle may be one reason for a claim. Another could be due to the risk that equipment may break exterior fittings or scratch the paintwork. Glass breakage is another area where your business may be vulnerable.

Care and vigilance can minimize the opportunity for damage, but it can be a good idea to have Florida general liability insurance included in your insurance portfolio. Discuss your needs in detail with our insurance agent to avoid being underinsured!