Preparing Your Business For Hurricane Season

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 07/02/2012

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Making sure your business will be able to withstand a hurricane can be a time consuming, daunting task. It can be downright overwhelming if you wait until the last minute. Instead, prepare your business now while the sun is still shining and there are no gusting winds to deal with. Talk with your Florida Commercial Insurance agent to see if your carrier has any tips to help get your business ready.

Besides having an evacuation plan in place for your employees, you want to have a plan to remove your business equipment and inventory from harm’s way, too. Put a plan in place that will specify which materials will be staying in your facility and which ones will be taken with you if you are forced to evacuate. If you need to have an outside company move your things, make sure they will be available to do it when a hurricane is in the forecast.

For the materials that will be staying at your facility, make sure they are anchored to a sturdy spot to avoid losing them in heavy winds. If they are currently in a low spot, make sure you have a spot designated to put them before any flooding can ruin them.

Make sure your building is secure as well. Have plywood ready for boarding up windows. Have battery-powered radios and first aid kits available. Check out FEMA’s website to find out about putting together an emergency preparedness kit to keep on hand in case you need it.

Your Florida commercial insurance policy should cover hurricane damages to your business as well as any injured employees. Talk with your agent to see what type of coverage you currently have in place and make any corrections you need now before a storm hits. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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