Meet Emily Abelha - Marketing Rep

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 07/23/2018

At Massey, Clark, Fischer, we consider our staff and clients to be part of one grand family. If you’ve ever come in to our office or called in for service, then there are a some names and faces you certainly would’ve run into along the way. Emily Abelha, since 2012, has worked with us as one our best Marketing Representatives, and her passion for helping others shines in her interactions with our clients. If you’ve ever met her, her pleasant disposition highlights her innate desire to help others, which is so vital in the insurance business.  

Emily has been married for 19 years and is the mother of two beautiful daughters - 18 years old and 11 years old. Originally from New York, this mother of two is an avid bookworm and licensed insurance agent with a passion for helping others. If you don’t find her at the gym or reading a book, then she’s sure to either be gardening or at her daughter Hannah’s jiu-jitsu class. Emily loves to learn new things and often finds herself reading 2 or 3 books simultaneously simply because she finds books enlightening and empowering and simply can’t stick to the standard of “one book at a time.”

Loyalty and honesty, those are the two main principles that guide Emily in her everyday interactions with clients as well as her personal life. She doesn’t consider herself to be an employee of Massey, Clark, Fischer; rather she considers herself part of a family which includes our valued clients. “Everyone here, we love each other. If there’s a problem or someone here is going through something, we really pray about it, we go to the back and we have a prayer session and we pray for one another. We help each other up when we’re feeling down and there’s always someone here with a nice voice of confidence, it’s good advice, uplifting… you know… it’s not like you’re coming to work… it’s not work, it’s really your family.”

Emily moved to Florida to live with her mom and sister. Her sister’s career allowed Emily to observe first hand how she interacted with clients and did her best to get them a good result and this sparked a profound interest in Emily wanting to be able to help people too. Shortly after having her first daughter at the age of twenty two, she secured her insurance licence. If there’s one thing about the insurance business that Emily would like to see changed is “less rate increases”. Emily believes that if someone has been accident-free or hasn’t had a claim, that they should be rewarded. For her, and by extension the rest of the Massey team, helping clients to find the right policy with the right carrier is an important calling. Emily feels a unrivaled sense of gratification when a client gets the coverage that is perfectly tailored to their needs. In fact, she finds one of the most rewarding things about the job to be the relationships she’s built with carriers and clients. She’s particularly proud of a recent project where our company was able to secure coverage for a local condo association, overcoming lesser proposals from other agencies and educating the client on why they needed something different and more importantly better.

At Massey, Clark, Fischer, the word of the day...everyday, is service! Our service to clients can always takes center stage. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve our service, both on the individual and company levels. Currently, Emily is studying to get her 2-20 General Lines Insurance License, all in the effort to better serve our clients.   Massey, Clark, Fischer has over 100 years of cumulative insurance experience . So if you’re looking for insurance, ask for Emily, she’s here and eager to assist you!


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