Lead by Example to Reduce Workplace Stress

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Monday, Mar 12, 2012


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Workers’ compensation is a Florida commercial insurance product that is mandatory for businesses that employ one or more workers in the state. This insurance protects your workers if they suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. In addition to carrying workers’ compensation insurance, responsible employers take steps to keep their workplaces safe to reduce the risk of accidents.

Workplace safety precautions like machinery guards, protective clothing and training in safe working practices are important ways of keeping your workers safe from physical injury, but are there ways that you could reduce excessive stress in the workplace?

Workers who are tired and over-stressed may be more likely to be injured at work. Workplace stress can also exacerbate existing medical conditions and cause psychological damage.

There are many factors that can cause workplace stress, and some industries feature much more frequently than others in cases related to stress injury claims. How can your business be managed to reduce the risk of workers suffering injury or illness as a result of stress? One important way to help reduce the negative impact of workplace stress is for managers to lead by example and be seen taking rest breaks and making sure that their workers do the same. It may also help for managers to ensure that workers have the support and training they need to perform their jobs well and without undue stress and strain.

Carrying workers’ compensation insurance as part of Florida commercial insurance fulfils your legal obligations as an employer. To help ensure protection from work-related injury and illness, aim to create a safe and happy working environment.