Is Your Business As Safe As You Hope?

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 07/10/2012

How do you know if you have enough Florida workers compensation coverage for your business? If you are concerned about your coverage, you should certainly talk with your agent to find out about all your available options. The problem may not be with your coverage, but with safety issues at your workplace.

Sometimes you may think your business is the safest it can be, but your employees are still getting hurt on the job without explanation. It helps to have an extra set of eyes evaluate your business’s daily operations to see what you might be missing. Your workers' comp carrier most likely has a loss controldepartment that will be willing to help you see what could be going wrong.

If your clerical workers all seem to be filing carpal tunnel claims lately, maybe it’s a matter of getting some ergonomic keyboards for them to use while typing on the computer. Maybe their chairs are too low or too high. You may not know this until a loss control rep points it out.

You might have several outdoor workers filing heat related claims in the summer months. Maybe they just don’t know how to properly hydrate themselves and are not aware that they should take frequent breaks. Your loss control rep can help you set up a proper procedural chart for your outdoor employees to learn and follow. This could also reduce the number of claims you may currently be dealing with.

Your Florida workers' compensation carrier wants you to avoid claims as much as you do. They will definitely be willing to help you with any issues you may currently be having. Contact your agent with any questions you may have about the safety of your business. Stay safe and keep your employees out of any harm’s way.