Investigating A Claim

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 06/25/2012

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When an employee is injured on the job, your Florida workers' compensation policy will step in and take care of compensating him for his time lost and medical bills. You may be left wondering what happened in the first place. How did the accident occur? How can you prevent it from happening again?

One of the best ways to avoid accidents from reoccurring is to fully investigate them when they DO occur. Your Florida workers' compensation claims department may have a full investigation of the claim and area in which the claim occurred. This may include gathering physical evidence and taking pictures of the accident scene.

The investigators will also need your help. You may feel reluctant to give information, but it is in your best interest to fully cooperate in these types of investigations. Workers' comp is considered a no-fault type of insurance. Regardless of how the accident may have occurred, your employee will be covered under your workers' comp policy. However, if it is found that there was some sort of negligent third party involved, there may be another lawsuit filed outside of the workers' comp claim. Any settlements can then be used as recovery for any workers comp benefits previously paid, which means your policy will be credited back anything that was previously paid out on the claim.

Claims investigations are very helpful to all parties involved. Once you are made aware of how the accident happened, you can take measures to fix the initial problem so another similar accident doesn’t happen. Your employees will feel safe knowing that you have it under control. Your injured employee will most likely feel better that whatever injured him won’t hurt anyone else. You can also feel safe that your Florida workers' compensation policy will not only cover your losses, but has your back at preventing future losses as well.


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