Improving Your Workplace Safety System

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 05/29/2012

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Carrying Florida Workers' Compensation insurance provides important financial protection for your employees who are injured at work, and helps to satisfy your obligations as an employer under Florida Law. It’s also your responsibility to maintain a workplace that’s healthy and safe and minimizes the risk of work-related accidents.

The health and safety system that a business adopts is likely to be influenced by the size of the business and workforce and the nature of the industry. It may not be a viable proposition for the owners of small business enterprises to employ full-time in-house professionals to manage health and safety matters. Instead small business owners often use online resources and professional consultants when they set up their health and safety systems.

When you start considering your health and safety system, look first at what measures are already in place to protect your workers. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system, and focus on developing a program which maintains the strengths and addresses the shortcomings of your current safety arrangements. Document your revised safety and health program, make it available to your workers and, most importantly, demonstrate your commitment to improving workplace safety by making sure that everyone in the business, including you, follows recommended safe work practices.

Don’t rely on Florida Workers' Compensation insurance to protect your employees. Reduce the risk of workplace accidents by identifying and managing hazards which could cause injury.