How Does Your Florida Car Insurer Rank?

Charles Elmore | 02/14/2019

Drivers certainly shop on price and are not exactly “honking their horns” in joy over recent rate hikes, but they are reporting record high satisfaction with the service car insurers provide in a major survey. The love is not spread equally among companies in Florida, though.

A big factor: Consumers seem to seek a blend of access to helpful humans with digital tools and phone apps to pay bills and handle claims more efficiently.

So who’s winning the service battle in Florida? MetLife, Allstate, GEICO and Esurance hauled in the highest satisfaction ratings from state drivers in the 2018 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Survey.

&ldquo Thrilled” was the reaction from Michael Neubauer, vice president of property and casualty claims for MetLife Auto & Home.  He told The Palm Beach Post it “highlights our team’s dedication to providing our customers, including local Florida drivers, with best-in-class service and a differentiated customer experience.” Recent company offerings include a SnapQuote digital platform to get price information and a smartphone app, called My Journey, to monitor and improve driving.

Nationwide, which didn’t find Florida consumer-satisfaction data on its side this time, ranked last. A spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

State Farm, Liberty Mutual and The Hartford rounded out the bottom four.

Nationally satisfaction scores are rising as “insurers are beginning to get the customer interaction formula right, offering a mix of digital and live interactions,” according to J.D. Power.

The average customer score on the survey reached a record high, with more and better digital ways to handle billing and policy information topping the list of things drivers liked most, officials said.

Customer do shop on price but “it’s service that keeps them,” said Robert Lajdziak, insurance practice business consultant at J.D. Power. “The auto insurers that increase customer satisfaction across all facets of the customer experience make price just one part of the overall relationship.”

Speaking of price, S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 2018 US Auto Insurance Market Report sees a somewhat brighter financial picture ahead as accident claims moderate and the need for rate hikes decelerates. That’s not saying your premiums will go down necessarily, but perhaps not rise as fast.

Nationally, the rate of growth on combined personal and commercial auto premiums is projected to slow down to 6.4 percent in 2018 and go even lower in the next four years from the 15-year high of nearly 8 percent in 2017.

We here at Massey, Clark, Fischer represent many of these top carriers on this list, including the number one carrier, MetLife.  Please let us show you how these top rated carriers can provide the quality coverage for you and your family.

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