Having Animals At The Office

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 09/10/2012

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Some companies have been trying out new things these days to help make employees happier in their work environments. One of the things that has recently been tried is allowing employees to bring their pets into the office.

Having a pet has been known to decrease stress levels in a lot of people. In fact, pets are used in nursing homes and hospitals to help patients recover and live in a reduced stress environment. Why not let them into the workplace? The only downside may be other people’s allergies to animals. In those cases, while your stress level might be dwindling because of your pet, your colleague’s stress may go through the roof.

If you want to start a program to allow pets into your workplace, first check with your building owner. They may have a policy against pets. You will also want to check with your insurance carrier. You may need to clear the animals with your insurance company.

You may need to bump up your coverage if you will be allowing animals into the office. Also, your workers' compensations policy may need to have more information. Adding animals into the mix can make the job a bit more risky. While a pet snake may be calming for one employee, the snake may make everyone else uncomfortable. It can also pose a risk if it is a dangerous or venomous variety.

If your employees seem to be stresses out a lot lately, why not try allowing them to bring their pets in for a couple days a week? You might find their productivity will go up if their stress levels go down. Of course, talk with your insurance agent about it first. But it might be the best decision you ever made for the business. Don’t worry, you can bring your pet in, too.


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