Florida Worker' Comp Rules And Regulations

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 04/18/2011

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Accidents happen – it’s part of life. There are usually medical expensive involved whether you go to the emergency room and end up in the hospital for a longer stay. When the accident occurs on the job, it is up to the employer to cover the costs, and having workers' comp coverage can help offset some of these expensive charges.

In the Sunshine State, Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance is usually not an option. As a rule, a company with five or more employees is mandated to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance to cover medical expenses, permanent disability, and a portion of the injured employee’s wages. On-the-job injury resulting in the death of an employee is also covered; a death benefit is paid to the worker’s beneficiary. Companies can’t afford to neglect purchasing Workers' Compensation Insurance: under the law, a company who pays out Workers' Compensation is protected from civil lawsuits regarding injuries on the job.

The Florida Division of Workers' Comp has a website complete with rules and regulations that businesses must follow. The site offers access to the statutes, rules, and forms, many of which are downloadable into a PDF file.