Does Your Business Serve Alcohol?

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Monday, Nov 07, 2011


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Anybody who owns a business that serves alcohol should be aware of the potential for damages that could be claimed as a result of the actions of intoxicated patrons. As alcohol becomes more and more a part of people’s lives, anyone working in an industry serving alcohol should consider the implications and include liquor liability insurance along with their Florida general liability insurance or as a separate policy.

The risk even to a business that only serves alcohol as a smaller part of their overall service is too great to ignore. A function center that includes serving alcohol may be just at much at risk as a bar where the sole function is liquor sales – it only takes one incident to result in a costly lawsuit. Liquor liability is not included in general liability policies.

As the owner of a business serving alcohol, the onus is on the establishment to discontinue serving alcohol to intoxicated patrons, particularly when staff members know that an individual may be addicted to alcohol.

The behavior of those under the influence of alcohol can be unpredictable. Their actions can also lead to very expensive claims by people who are injured as a result. Property damage claims can also result in an event where the patron damages your building or furniture. Business owners who serve alcohol can discuss their needs with their Florida general liability insurance agent. You should also make yourself aware of exclusions to any liquor liability coverage you take out.