Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Attitude?

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 03/26/2012

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One of the characteristics of successful Florida entrepreneurs is their ability to focus on both the present and the future. While going about the tasks that must be accomplished to keep a business thriving from day to day, they remain acutely conscious of the need to ensure the long-term continuity of their enterprise. Purchasing Florida commercial insurance is one way of taking action today that may help to ensure that a business can survive accidents and mishaps.

While planning skills are a vital characteristic that is shared by most successful Florida entrepreneurs, consider a few other skills and attitudes that it might be useful for you to develop.

Never forget that things change. Regulatory conditions that govern your industry can change, the global, national or local economy can change, and technological developments can transform the business world. Expect, accept and embrace these changes if you want your business to continue.

Remember that everyone has limitations. Don’t try to do everything yourself; outsourcing a task that is outside your area of expertise may cost a little more, but it avoids the risk of expensive mistakes and allows you to focus on the tasks that you do best..

Have an open mind when you are looking for opportunities that could benefit your business. With a flexible approach you might be able to transfer a business idea from another industry or culture to your own enterprise.

Planning skills and entrepreneurial attitudes can’t be bought – they can only be acquired through experience. However by purchasing Florida commercial insurance you may be provided with some protection from the financial consequences of unexpected, unplanned events like fire, accident or crime that could threaten the future of your enterprise. Consider outsourcing your insurance needs by utilizing the expertise, knowledge and experience of a professional insurance agent.


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