Could A Situation Similar To Kodak’s Demise Happen In Your Business?

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 01/30/2012

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Business owners in Florida who may be content with the way their business is operating and not planning to make any changes to the way they run their business, may be jolted by the recent demise of Kodak. Many might ask, what happened? What went wrong? Being content that your business is doing well without planning for the future, may leave your business floundering and behind the times. While Florida commercial insurance may help afford your business protection in some areas, keeping abreast of changes to your specific field of business and growing with them may be a prudent investment.

No business is time-proof or bulletproof. Just look at the example of the cell phone. Years ago cell phones were as heavy as a brick and came with a battery requiring a bag to carry it over your shoulder. Today they slip seamlessly into our lives, compact and portable, an example of everything technology can offer in the realm of communications. Anyone still producing the old technology would be laughed at.

Education and critical assessment of new technologies or advances pertinent to your line of business are essential if you wish to stay competitive and grow. Your business plan should be continually revised with thought given to expansion and modernization in areas where you don’t want to be left behind. Similarly, update your Florida commercial insurance package to make sure you are not left wanting in terms of coverage.


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