Correct Food Storage Essential for Food Vendors

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011


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Residents of Florida are faced with many choices when it comes to purchasing a quick meal on the run. A multicultural population means a vast array of different food outlets offering a quick snack or take-out meal. Food vendor businesses are often family-run and like larger operations, they must comply with guidelines as set down by Florida Division of Food Safety. Guidelines for the storing and handling of food, in particular, must be followed vigilantly. The risk of you needing the liability coverage on your Florida commercial insurance is greatly increased if your food is not handled in the correct manner.

While cleanliness is essential, the incorrect storage of items in freezer units or refrigerators can cause unwanted spoilage. Apart from the financial consequences to you, the risks to your customers include serious illness and fatality.

To be a licensed food vendor in Florida you must be approved by The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Food vendors should be fully conversant with all requirements for food storage.

Knowing your operation complies fully with state legislation means you can be confident that you can safely supply your customers’ needs. Just the same, you’ll want your Florida commercial insurance in place to protect your financial investment in the event of a lawsuit, theft or property damage.