Commercial Motor Vehicle Coverage

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Monday, Nov 14, 2011


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Any business which has commercial vehicles needs expert advice on the appropriate Florida commercial insurance policy for their needs. Maintaining and running commercial vehicles should be no different to your personal vehicle. The reliability and continuity of service vehicles are paramount to the day to day operations of your business.

Just as you look after the needs of your personal vehicle, you should apply the same requirements to your commercial fleet.

Carry out regular mechanical services on all vehicles. Safety for your employees is paramount.

Maintain regular checks on staff driving your cars and make sure their license requirements are current.

Don’t ignore the loading limits of your vehicles; this may cause some types of carriage vehicles to become unstable.

Run regular checks on tires and tire pressure, windscreen damage and gauges.

Follow up traffic infringements immediately. Impress on drivers the importance of adhering to the road rules.

Any accident involving a company vehicle can result in repair costs but more worrying for a business owner is the possibility of liability for damages. Having a commercial vehicle taken off the road because of accident or theft can be costly and inconvenient. Proper maintenance, checks and driver safety education, along with your Florida commercial insurance coverage for your motor vehicle insurance needs, will all help toward keeping your business on the move.