Commercial Insurance for Florida business

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Monday, Nov 21, 2011


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Running a business that starts as a small home-based venture and grows into something more substantial can be very rewarding. Along with the extra workload involved in the growing business, you’ll soon discover that your home and contents' insurance is no longer adequate. With this in mind, you should investigate Florida commercial insurance protection.

With the advances in methods of communication and marketing, working from home can be a very cost-effective way of building and running a business. You have access to markets worldwide at your fingertips and can have all your information on-site as you need it. However, if you have clients visiting your home business then you have a similar need for liability coverage to businesses that operate from commercial premises. Commercial insurance offers many advantages to business including the opportunity to have Business Interruption Insurance in place – that means that if an insured disaster prevented you from operating from existing premises, you could have the funds to relocate and continue operating from elsewhere.

As you business continues to grow there will be decisions to make about how big and how fast you could and should grow your business and whether or not it is still viable to run it from your home.

Has your home based venture taken flight? Entrepreneurs of flourishing home businesses in Florida or those who are just starting out are welcome to speak to us about their Florida commercial insurance needs.