Check Your Gutters And Downpipes – Save Yourself Some Money!

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 02/01/2012

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One of the most commonly neglected home maintenance tasks can be clearing roof guttering. Unfortunately, as any major downpour will demonstrate, blocked gutters can provide you with a major mess to clean up when the weather clears and might cause significant damage. Good home maintenance is one way to ensure that you don’t need to make frequent claims on your Pennsylvania home insurance, and that will be good news for your budget and your insurance status.

You should get to your guttering and downpipes, at the very least, twice a year. The end of fall is important because any deciduous trees in your area will almost certainly have dropped their share of leaves and small twigs on your roof that can clog up the gutters. In spring, you can add checking the gutters to the yard work that needs to happen after winter so that everything is ready for summertime outdoor living.

Gutters with lots of rubbish in them may pose a multitude of problems. Storm water isn’t carried from the building, so you have potential of water damage to walls and foundations. In summer, rubbish in gutters can be a fire risk – particularly if you live in a known wildfire risk area.

The less you claim on your Pennsylvania home insurance policy, the better your rating is likely to be. Also, spending a little money on a regular basis on maintenance can save you big dollars in the long run – so, if you haven’t checked your gutters in a while, make sure they’re on your list for this spring!


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