Boat Insurance for Your Summer Trips

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014


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On days when the weather is beautiful, we know you want to hit the open water! For some, casual boating is the way to relax and enjoy the sun, while others make their living out on the water. Regardless of how often you take your boat out, it is important for all Florida residents who have a boat to also have watercraft insurance. Here are some reasons your boat should be covered:

Protect your property and investment.You care for your boat, perform routine maintenance, and always check to make sure it’s running smoothly and safely. Do not compromise in the care that you take – watercraft insurance will protect your financial investment in the event an accident or storm damages your boat.

Keep your loved ones safe. The joys of going out in the boat on the ocean can quickly be overshadowed by an accident or injury. When that happens, you can bet that you’ll want boat insurance to cover the costs associated with being injured on a boat, whether that means emergency room visits, prescriptions, therapy, or other operations or procedures.

Cover your own liability. When something goes wrong on a boat, you can easily be sued – regardless if an accident is your fault or not, you’ll still face exorbitant amounts in legal fees just to have a lawyer protect you. Whether or not you’re a lifelong experienced boater, your still must safeguard your liability by having a boat insurance policy. Coverage will be something you soon find you cannot go out onto the water without!

Boat insurance coverage is a necessity if you’ll be hitting the open sea sometime this summer or sooner. If you’re interested in learning more about getting boat coverage, contact our agents today – we are here to help. Remember, safety should always come first, so don’t compromise that! *