Being Robbed

The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 07/17/2012

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What do you do if your business is robbed? There are several procedures you should put in place at your business so your employees will know how to handle the situation if it ever arises. Your Florida commercial insurance carrier may also have some safety steps for you to follow to help prevent robberies. No one expects their business to be the victim of a robbery, but unfortunately it happens all the time.

You may not always be present when someone comes to your business and tries to take something using force. Your employees might be the only ones there. If a robbery does occur, it is important to have your employees immediately lock up the business and ask any witnesses to stay until police arrive. They should then call the police and remain on the line until the police get there. Then, they should call you or the person you designate to handle these types of situations.

If your business has a security hotline, your employees should then call it and fill them in on all the details. Also, make sure your employees know not to touch anything that the robber may have touched. Fingerprints might be found on these items that could help the police’s investigation later on down the road. They should also write down a description of the robber and any weapon that may have been used as soon as they are able.

Remember that your employees may be scared and in need of counseling after such a traumatic event. While you are on the phone discussing the robbery with your Florida commercial insurance agent, find out if employee counseling would be covered under your policy. Reassure your employees that you are doing everything you can to rectify the situation and prevent it from ever happening again.


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