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The Massey Clark Fisher Team | 01/31/2013

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If you’ve been searching for some healthy eating articles, you may finally be in the right place. Our agency wants to help Florida residents get the information they need to live healthy lifestyles so we try to provide information as much as we can. Sometimes, it isn’t about the major changes you make to your lifestyle, but the small ones. This is especially true with regards to what you eat. Also, eating well should not just be for your external image, but for your internal health as well—the stuff you can’t see. But believe us, if you choose to switch up the little things in your diet you may be thankful later on.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Andrew Weill? Dr. Weill is a prominent figure in the world of human health and has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine as well as shows such as Oprah and The Today Show. Recently in an interview, Dr. Weill went through some of the basics that Americans should abide by when trying to improve their health. So, according to Dr. Weill, here are the top five health eating tips for Americans:

  • Do a 180 at breakfast: Americans are accustomed to eating eggs, bacon, sausage and bagels for breakfast, but this isn’t always the best option. Instead, Dr. Weill suggests eating a hearty yet light breakfast consisting of fruit and tea and perhaps fish such as salmon if available.
  • Whole wheat? Not always: If you’re trying to stay away from white bread and foods that have a lot of flour, make sure what you’re buying is actually “whole wheat.” Some items, such as wheat bread, are not actually whole grain. Foods such as brown and wild rice and barley are whole grain and have many health benefits.
  • Control your portion: Eating large portions is very unique to America, and is one of the many reasons why the U.S. has an obesity problem When eating meals, only put small to medium portions on your plate and eat slowly to allow your brain to acknowledge that you have food in your stomach. Sometimes we eat too fast and end up consuming more food than we need to because our brain doesn’t have time to catch up.
  • Watch the sugar: Soda and sweet juices are some of the biggest culprits that contribute to weight gain and an unbalanced diet. To be succinct, soda and most fruit juices (yes, including OJ) have almost zero nutritional value and all the excess sugar can remain in your body and turn into fat. Consuming high amounts of sugar/fructose is known to contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Inflammation: If you don’t consume enough foods that are rich an antioxidants or healthy fats then your internal organs may be prone to inflammation. Try incorporating fruits such as apple and strawberries into your diet to get a healthy dose of antioxidants while also eating more fish to get some healthy fats rich in omega-3s. Bonus: Chocolate has a lot of antioxidants as well, but go easy on it!

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