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Hurricane Relief Information

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

General Contractor Florida Workers' Compensation Exposure

Wednesday, Mar 02, 2011

It was recently brought to our attention, that general contractors who use leasing/PEO’s for their workers' compensation may have an uncovered exposure. A general contractor (GC) has a Florida workers' compensation policy through a leasing arrangement. GC hired a subcontractor to provide all drywall services and received a Certificate of Insurance from the subcontractor providing evidence of Florida workers' compensation insurance. The subcontractor hired another subcontractor to provide lathing for the building.

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Does Smoking Affect Your Florida Life Insurance?

Thursday, Feb 24, 2011

A Florida man who developed cancer from smoking was awarded $260,000 on Friday from tobacco company R.J. Reynolds. The 71-year-old man suing the tobacco company sought $10 billion dollars in damage payments, the largest amount to be sought by an individual in a trial against a cigarette maker.

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