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Hurricane Relief Information

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

Can Your Business Survive A Disaster?

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012

Florida has over the years, endured its fair share of natural disasters. Preparing your business by having a disaster management program may be the difference between you surviving or closing your doors. While having adequate Florida commercial insurance in place is vital, it must be remembered that it may not just be financial protection you will need in order to survive.

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New Business Enterprise

Monday, Feb 06, 2012

Starting out in business on your own is an exciting time, filled with the hope of success as well as the possible trepidation of the new venture. There are many things that will demand your attention and one thing that should be foremost in your mind is Florida general liability insurance. What exactly does it cover, you may ask?

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Check Your Gutters and Downpipes – Save Yourself Some Money!

Wednesday, Feb 01, 2012

One of the most commonly neglected home maintenance tasks can be clearing roof guttering. Unfortunately, as any major downpour will demonstrate, blocked gutters can provide you with a major mess to clean up when the weather clears and might cause significant damage.

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Could A Situation Similar To Kodak’s Demise Happen In Your Business?

Monday, Jan 30, 2012

Business owners in Florida who may be content with the way their business is operating and not planning to make any changes to the way they run their business, may be jolted by the recent demise of Kodak. Many might ask, what happened? What went wrong? Being content that your business is doing well without planning for the future, may leave your business floundering and behind the times.

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Defective Products

Monday, Jan 23, 2012

Having strict controls over the manufacture and distribution of your products is essential to every business. Design and construction of any product, large or small, must conform to the appropriate safety standards and specifications, and be strictly monitored. Failure to do so with the result that a defective product is released into the marketplace can have catastrophic consequences.

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