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Stay Safe This Halloween And Be Sure To Consider These Insurance Tips.

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Friday, Oct 19, 2018

All of us here at Massey, Clark, Fischer wish you a fun and a safe Halloween this year. Here’s a bit of advice for you to help eliminate any potential damages this holiday.

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The Importance of Insurance for Risk Management New Businesses

Author: James Patterson | Friday, Oct 19, 2018

Entrepreneurs at new businesses often have a number of brand new responsibilities on their shoulders. There are a lot of obvious risks for any new enterprise and business owners may be savvy enough to mitigate them. However, there are many more risks that may not be immediately obvious to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, these are the threats that may take the heaviest toll on an organization but buying an insurance plan may be the solution...

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Meet one of our stalwarts Judi Harden, who’s chalked up more than 22 yrs with us and counting!

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Friday, Sep 28, 2018

Massey, Clark, Fischer is more than just a business, we are a family! Many of our employees have dedicated years of their life to this family and one such talented team member is Judi Harden who works in our personal insurance department. Judi doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving what she wants to in both her professional and personal lives! Learn more about this attentive grandmother, cancer survivor, mountain girl...


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Facing the Aftermath of a Hurricane: Filing Insurance Claims

Author: | Friday, Sep 28, 2018

If you’ve been caught in the path of a hurricane, recovery can be confusing and complicated and it’s hard to know where to start. One of your first steps should be filing your insurance claim. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips…but also keep in mind, it’s our role here at Massey, Clark, Fischer to help you and guide you through the process.

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Meet Barbara Ann de la Vega - Commercial Insurance Account Manager

Author: The Massey Clark Fisher Team | Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018

Massey, Clark, Fischer prides itself on being a relationship driven Agency. We consider our Staff an integral part of our family, and this is reflected in the many years of faithful service our employees give to us. Many of you, our valued clients, would have certainly met and interacted with our very own Barbara Ann de la Vega over the years. Now it’s time to learn a little bit more about our Commercial Insurance Account Manager.

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