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About Massey, Clark, Fischer

Massey, Clark, Fischer was formed in August 1999 with the merger of Massey Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. and Clark, Oen, Johnson, & Fischer, Inc. Both organizations trace their roots back to 1958.

In 1958, Harry W. Massey, Sr. founded Massey Insurance and was later appointed as the General Agent for the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. In 1969, Franck D. Massey joined his brother in the business. Then in 1979, H.W. “Hank” Massey, Jr., Harry’s son, joined the organization with brother J. Michael Massey joining several years later. In 1985, Massey Insurance purchased the property & casualty insurance arm of Stockton, Whatley, and Davin.

Also in 1958, Richard Oen founded R.F. Oen Insurance Agency, which in 1977 would become Palm Beach Insurance Central. This Agency continued to be a one-owner Agency until 1988 when Kathleen Johnson joined Mr. Oen. In 1991, William Clark, formally of the 1925 firm, Cornelius Johnson & Clark (CJC) joined the Agency as a partner and in 1995 Eric Fischer also became a partner. The Agency was renamed Clark, Oen, Johnson, & Fischer, Inc.

With over 100 years of cumulative insurance experience both Agencies merged to promote and build upon the insurance legacy of these Palm Beach County insurance professionals. The organization is now a full-service Agency with expertise in all lines of insurance and financial services.

Today, H.W. “Hank” Massey, Jr., CLU, CPCU, President, and Eric J. Fischer, CLU, AEP, Vice President, head the Agency.