Massey, Clark, Fischer, where relationships matter!

Author: Staff

They say the best relationships are the ones that are built to last. Here at Massey, Clark, Fischer, we are all about relationships! Every person and every business has unique needs and we understand that very well. This Valentine's Day we want remind all of our clients that we value your relationship and we will strive to continue to offer the expert insurance advice you deserve both personally and/ or in business to ensure your continued success.

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How does your Florida car insurer rank?

Author: Charles Elmore 

Drivers certainly shop on price and are not exactly honking their horns in joy over recent rate hikes, but they are reporting record high satisfaction with the service car insurers provide in a major survey. The love is not spread equally among companies in Florida, though. Read more to find out which of the local insurance carriers ranked at the top of the survey list.

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