Massey, Clark, Fischer Celebrates 65 Years Of Insuring Florida Businesses And Individuals

Staff | 11/07/2023

Massey, Clark, Fisher, a three-generation, family-owned-and-operated Independent Insurance Agency, is celebrating its 65th anniversary milestone. Developing strong and reliable relationships over the years, Massey, Clark, Fisher works with more than 70 reputable insurance carriers to customize coverage to meet the needs of businesses and individuals in Florida.

Massey, Clark, Fisher provides a wealth of  knowledge and decades of experience for its clients. In 1979, H.W. “Hank” Massey Jr. joined his father, Harry Massey Sr., and uncle, Franck at Massey Insurance, which Harry founded in 1958. While working at the Agency, Hank went on to major in Insurance at the University of Florida graduating with his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration in 1983 and earning his 2-20 General Line Property & Casualty and Life & Health license. He also holds two advanced degrees, Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), making him adept at explaining difficult topics to juries and clients. 

Hank and his family worked to build Massey, Clark, Fisher into the full-service Agency that it is today. Hank became President in 2003, leading the Agency with the team he has established, including one of his daughters, Erin. Hank passes on his insights and guidance as the team engages with clients, gathering information and crafting customized policies to meet their business and personal goals. Clients benefit from their decades of experience and relationships with 70+ proven insurance providers at no additional cost.  

“At Massey, Clark, Fisher, we understand that as a business owner, expenses are tough and you have to count every penny, especially when it comes to insurance. But during the claims process, you appreciate when we bring the big checks you need to cover losses and make your business whole again. Our Agency ensures that businesses of all sizes gain the financial security needed for a successful future. We help business owners rest easy knowing that their operations are protected by reliable policies and funds available in times of need.” - Hank Massey, President,  Massey, Clark, Fischer

The Massey, Clark, Fisher team includes employees who have been part of the MCF family for years, some for 20+ years. The team’s continuity and extensive experience enables them to:  

  • Understand complex insurance policies
  • Know the legal aspects involved with different products 
  • Identify risks and mitigate them through efficient plans
  • Provide budgeting advice and investment strategies

MCF’s mission is simple: make sure every one of their clients has the best possible plan for their unique set of circumstances. With that goal in mind, they continue innovating so their vision can be realized - an empowered society where everyone has access to proper protection, coupled with sound financial planning.

Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc. prides itself on being a local, independent Agency that takes the time to get to know its clients. They thoroughly evaluate clients’ insurance needs so their businesses and their personal assets are protected at the most competitive rates. Their mission is simple: match clients with the most comprehensive insurance package that caters to their distinct lifestyles. Over the decades, the relationships formed with their carriers, allowing them to effectively compare rates and coverage plans to ensure that their clients receive the protection they need.

For more information, contact Massey, Clark, Fischer directly at (561) 478-1660.

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