Massey, Clark, Fischer Announces Erin Massey Walters As New Office Manager, Continuing Its Family-Owned Legacy

Staff | 07/05/2022


Massey, Clark, Fischer has officially welcomed the third generation into their family-owned and operated Florida insurance Agency, just before celebrating their 65th anniversary. Headed by H.W. “Hank” Massey, the company recently welcomed Erin Massey Walters (Hank’s daughter) as its new office manager.

Erin Massey Walters graduated from the University of Florida with her B.S. in Advertising in 2006. She went on to obtain her Juris Doctor from Barry University School of Law in May 2009. Erin spent almost 10 years as a civil and criminal trial lawyer. Today, Erin loves helping her father, Hank, manage the Agency.

Describing how she feels to be part of a family business with such a rich legacy, she said:

“It gives me a sense of pride. Family is #1 to us. It’s how we grew up and it’s always been a part of my awareness. It’s the best thing ever to see your parents in action. Dad is such a good boss. Seeing him in this role, seeing the clients happy and taken care of, is something I’m so proud of and happy to be part of.” Erin Massey Walters, Office Manager, Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc.

Over the years, multiple members of the Massey family have held roles (some unofficially) in the business. These include Sally Massey (Hank's mother), Tammie B. Massey (Hank's wife), J. Michael Massey (Hank's brother), Leslie Massey (Hank’s sister) and Jessica Massey Shelton (Hank's daughter). Now, Erin Massey Walters (Hank’s daughter) is helping to manage the Agency in the role of Office Manager.

Massey, Clark, Fischer was formed in August 1999 with the merger of Massey Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. and Clark, Oen, Johnson, & Fischer, Inc. Both organizations trace their roots back to 1958.

In 1958, Harry W. Massey, Sr. founded Massey Insurance and was later appointed as the General Agent for the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. In 1969, Franck D. Massey joined his brother in the business. Then in 1979, H.W. “Hank” Massey, Jr., Harry’s son, joined the organization. Hank’s brother, J. Michael Massey, joined several years later. In 1985, Massey Insurance purchased the property and casualty insurance arm of Stockton, Whatley and Davin, expanding their service offerings beyond life insurance. Fourteen years later, they merged with Clark, Oen, Johnson, & Fischer, Inc. and renamed the firm Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc.

President of the Agency since 2003, Hank Massey is dedicated to fulfilling the insurance needs of business owners and individuals in Florida. Speaking to the family-owned and multi-generational history of the business, Hank described it as something that brings him immense pride and joy. He recalls how much of an honor it was to work alongside his father and uncle, both of whom he described as being great mentors.

“At Massey, Clark, Fischer, we do a good, honest job for our clients. We specialize in helping Florida businesses and individuals find quality insurance coverage. As an independent Agency, we work with 70+ carriers to meet your needs and budget.” - Hank Massey, CEO of Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc.

Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc. prides itself on being a local, independent Agency that takes the time to get to know its clients. They thoroughly evaluate clients’ insurance needs so their businesses and their personal assets are protected at the most competitive rates. Their mission is simple: match clients with the most comprehensive insurance package that caters to their distinct lifestyles. Over the decades, the relationships formed with their carriers allow them to effectively compare rates and coverage plans to ensure that their clients receive the protection they need.

For more information, contact Massey, Clark, Fischer Inc. directly at (561) 478-1660.

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