Are You Ready For The Upcoming Football Season?

Staff | 04/20/2019

Who here is a Gator Fan? Who here is rooting for Miami Hurricanes? Any Auburn fans out there? I bet you’re all equally excited for this upcoming football season and we hope that you have your game faces on!

Hank Massey, President of Massey, Clark, Fischer is a true University of Florida Gator fan and he is super excited to see how this season will play out!!  He described his love for football as something he grew into. Starting with his dad, Harry Massey, (the founder of the Insurance Agency), who played quarterback for the Florida State Seminole football team - yes, dad was a Gator rival! Hank’s mom, Sally, was a cheerleader for Florida State as well!  Hank’s brother Mike also played football all through school and his sister Leslie was a cheerleader all through her school years. So now you can understand the love! Hank had been involved athletically in the sport in Elementary School, Junior High School and High School. Although growing up he was an FSU fan, after going to the University of Florida, he spent a year playing football in college and has been a fan of the Gators ever since!  No one expected Dan Mullen, new head coach of Florida football, to lead the team to a 10-3 record last year. Hank is excited, as he believes that Gators have their swagger back and will win the upcoming Florida Gators vs. Miami Hurricanes game on August 24 by 10 points...Any bets?? What’s your prediction???

One other game Hank is excited about this season is the Florida Gators vs. Auburn on October 5. His wife Tammie attended Auburn University, so naturally you know she’s an Auburn fan! And although she isn’t fully immersed into the sport, she enjoys going to the game with Hank and the family and is excited to see both teams play this season. Tammie is not as competitive as Hank it seems, but she does constantly remind him that the Gators have not beaten Auburn in the last 5 meetings!

 “It’s fun getting together with all the wild and crazy football fans, the Gators side and the Auburn side.” Tammie Massey

Hank and Tammie are also really looking forward to this specific game because a very close friend,  client of the Agency, and Hank’s college roommate, Dale Hedrick will be receiving the University of Florida College of Building Construction ‘Builder of the Year’ Award and being able to share that experience with Dale and his family means a lot to them.        

 Dale R. Hedrick is the CEO of Hedrick Brothers Construction, a privately-owned company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. Hank and Dale have been friends for many years and even went to first grade together. Dale tells us the story of how Hank sold him his first life insurance policy when he got out of college and ever since that day, has been handling his personal and commercial insurance needs. As you can guess by now, Dale is a Gators fan! He never played football in college but he always enjoyed the sport.

 “I always admired the Massey family who were the star quarterbacks. Their athletic abilities were quite the spectacle.” – Dale Hedrick

 Dale is excited to see how this season plays out for the Gators now that we have a coach that can operate a sophisticated attacking offense. He believes it’s going to be a remarkable season since all of the players seem to be well versed and ready to implement the new coach’s awesome game plans on offense, defense, and special teams!

 The college game day atmosphere is hyped! We can all agree on this. With the tailgate party, everyone dressed in their team colors, lots of friends and family, great food and margaritas and not a parking spot to be found, the setting is quite a spectacle! Apart from following the exciting game, the ambiance of the day; being able to be competitive in the spirit of the game yet share moments together with your family, your friends, and your college classmates is very memorable for everyone at every home game.

 “We love to get all dressed up in our team colors, take the grandchildren out, and make it one big get together!” – Hank Massey

 So, what team are you a fan of? Are you ready for this football season? We know Hank, Dale and Tammie are and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Put on your colors, put on your game face and come celebrate with us in the spirit of college football season!


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