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What Our Clients Say

This is by far one of the best insurance companies I have ever worked with. The staffs are very professional, and they reply in a timely manner. I did not have to go through multiple people like you would at GEICO or other big insurance firm to get my answers. For all your insurance needs such as disability, life, auto, house, etc.; these guys are amazing, and I would recommend them to everyone.


Massey Clark Fisher is an invaluable resource when you are trying to find the insurance coverage you need.

Laurel Drazen

Hank and his staff are very professional and friendly. They always give us quick response. We recommend them for all your insurance needs.

Ron Algeri

Hank is very knowledge about the insurance industry and provides trustworthy service to his clients. - Esther Zapata Ruderman

Conroy Simberg

You can be confident when you do business with Hank Massey that your insurance needs will be taken care of in a professional and caring manner. The office is great to work!

JoAnn W.

Professional service without loosing the personal touch. I have used them many times over the years and I have always pleased with their recommendations. Recently I needed a new policy for my rental. It was a challenge, but they didn't give up until they found the solution.

charles Walker

Great deals. Lots of insurance options!

Mansa Smith

They were an excellent resource. Worked tirelessly to find the best policy for our application. Much gratitude for the significant savings!

charles walker

Quick response. Very helpful in finding a policy that's right for my needs! Friendly staff!

Dee Egizio

Hank, I made the change last year to use your services. Your staff is always friendly and extremely professional.

Vincent Cordo

My company partners with local insurance providers as we help clients with purchasing a home. Hank and his team are responsive and have helped clients become homeowners in Palm Beach County.

Ray Premuroso

Hank, thank you so much for your work and quick response.

Leonard Pisciotto Jr.

Kudos to MCF. Great service. Woud recommend.

Vinay Kumar Srivastava

Experienced agents. Excellent services.

james henry

Getting insurance has never been this easy! Definitely recommend going to Massey, Clark, Fischer.

Nandanie Ram

Massey, Clark, Fischer is a professional insurance agency located in West Palm Beach area. They are always willing and ready to help you with any insurance needs one may have. Not only this Agency has years in business, but they are extremely knowledgeable and prompt when it comes to service. Their policyholders and employees are Very important to them. I am proud to be part of of this agency.

Claudia Upson

Trusted adviser with our insurance policies. Quick to respond to any questions.

Rome C

Hank Massey and his firm have been practicing in the insurance business in Palm Beach County for decades and continue to provide excellent insurance service, for both personal and business needs. I would highly recommend his firm for all your insurance needs.


I have been with Massey Clark Fischer for many years and have several policies with them...The owner, as well as my agent, offer personalized service and genuinely seem to care...They call back when they’re supposed to,are knowledgeable of their product, and follow through with any requests I may have...Real Human Beings! Highly recommend!!


Working with MCF has been a life changing experience. This is a hybrid agency that evolves with the insurance industry changes. You will find an extremely experienced, and helpful service team that will strive to get you the best option to fit your needs. I highly recommend you allow us to review your insurance portfolio to ensure you are receiving the best bang for the buck. #muckbunnymarykay

Jennifer Lutfey

MCF has taken care of my insurance needs for the past 10 years, and I would highly recommend their services! As opposed to selling a specific product or roping you in to a single plan, Mr. Massey and his team can compare rates and policies to fit your individual needs. From the friendly staff to the great customer service, I highly recommend the professionals at MCF!

Michael Shelton

Wonderful service! The staff is knowledgeable, quick to answer any questions, and trustworthy. It gives our family peace of mind knowing MCF is behind us.

Erin Walters

Working for Massey, Clark, Fisher, Inc. is a pleasure couldn't asked for a better palace to work. Everyone here is very friendly, helpful, professional and make you feel part of the Family. Thank you for having me.

Ro A

I started working for Massey Clark Fischer Inc in 2001. Everyone here feels like family. Hank Massey and Eric Fischer are very easy to work for. We all care about our clients. Our dedication to the clients is our main focus.

Barbara de la Vega

My husband and I have been doing business with Massey Clark Fisher since the 80s. They are extremely professional and still treat you as family. Through the years I have had many insurance needs and work with me to determine the best product at the best price!

suzan kelly

Great team 👍

Miranda Grace Massey

Great service nice staff

mike massey

We have used Hank and his firm for our personal and business insurance needs for the past few years. Great Firm. They have always been extremely responsive and willing to work for the best insurance for us. Highly Recommend them!

David Blotnick

Hank and his team are great! I would highly recommend this company!

Spencer Adamson

Working with Hank and his team has been an awesome experience! Massey Clark Fischer is an excellent company. I highly recommend them.

Chuck Konga

I interned here for my community service hours, and i had a great time. Everyone is very helpful and very nice.

Alexis Upson

Very helpful! Have been able to answer any questions that we have had and have guided us to find the exact coverage for our needs. Our mortgage company failed to pay our premium and our homeowner’s policy got cancelled. They were able to get the situation fixed painlessly for us! Highly recommend!!!

Jessica Shelton

It is a great honor and pleasure to work at Massey Clark Fischer.” We are truly a Family ♥

Emily Abelha

Most professional agency with the friendliest and kindest licensed agents! They are the most helpful in getting you the best rate out there.

Lisa Ortiz

Great experience with the team at Massey! Definitely recommend them.

Poke Trooper

Awesome firm. Very personal service. Highly recommended. Use them for both my personal and business needs! Hank is the true epitome of an insurance professional.

Paul Ramkissoon
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Report Identifies P/C Insurance Companies With Best Reputations
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Massey, Clark, Fischer, Where Relationships Matter!
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How Does Your Florida Car Insurer Rank?
Charles Elmore | 02/14/2019
Drivers certainly shop on price and are not exactly “honking their horns” in joy over recent rate hikes, but they are reporting record high satisfaction with the service car insurers provi.. Learn More
After Proudly Celebrating Our 60th Year In Business Last Year, We Welcome 2019 With Open Arms!
Staff | 01/28/2019
In preparation for the year ahead, our team here at Massey, Clark, Fischer would like to extend gratitude and well wishes for the new year to all our clients, friends, employees, insurance company par.. Learn More
Commercial Insurance Rates Generally Forecast To Rise In 2019
Gloria Gonzalez | 01/28/2019
Escalating losses in the property and casualty insurance market are expected to trigger upward pricing pressure across most commercial lines of business in 2019, led by a continued rise in premiums in.. Learn More
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