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The Pandemic Has Made Insurance Even More Relevant
Staff | 03/21/2022
Insurance is meant to provide financial protection for unexpected, and even expected, events. Over the past two years, when we never could predict what would happen next, it has proven to be even more.. Learn More
Client Relationships Are #1 At Massey, Clark, Fischer
Staff | 02/10/2022
If it matters to you, it matters to us. That’s why we take the time to build a relationship with you so we can find the plan that’s right for your needs... Learn More
Protect What Matters Most This Valentine’s Day!
Staff | 02/13/2020
If it matters to you it matters to us. This Valentine’s Day let the specialists at Massey, Clark, Fischer help you protect what’s important to you. .. Learn More
Life Insurance For Your Family And Children
Valuepenguin | 02/13/2020
Choosing the right insurance for you and your family is an important decision. We understand and want you to feel confident in your choice. Keep on reading to learn more about life insurance for your .. Learn More
Happy New Year From Massey, Clark, Fischer, Inc.
It’s a New Year and the team at Massey, Clark, Fischer would like to extend a heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of our clients,  friends, employees, insurance company partners, and our .. Learn More
Commercial Insurance Prices Set To Keep Rising In 2020
Gavin Souter | 01/16/2020
Commercial insurance prices are set to keep rising in 2020.  This was predicted by industry experts during the latter quarter of 2019. Keep on reading to learn more... Learn More
Happy Holidays From Massey, Clark, Fischer
Staff | 11/23/2019
All of us here at Massey, Clark, Fischer would like to extend the warmest holiday wishes to our clients, friends, insurance company partners, and our wonderful community!  We hope you consider us.. Learn More
Massey, Clark, Fischer Inc Special Relationship With Veterans
Staff | 11/13/2019
Veterans Day is a day to reflect on the heroism of those who have defended our liberty and freedom. Keep on reading to learn how one United States Navy destroyer got its name... Learn More
Almost 2 Million U.S Vets Lack Health Insurance
STEVEN REINBERG | 11/13/2019
Almost 2 million veterans are without health insurance. Keep on reading to learn about the findings of a recent study and about new hopes for better VA healthcare for our deserving Veterans... Learn More
The Importance Of Insurance In Business
Devra Gartenstein | 09/23/2019
When you run a business, you assume responsibility for the well-being of a range of people, from employees to customers. Your business activities have the potential to affect these stakeholders in ser.. Learn More
Are You Ready For The Upcoming Football Season?
Staff | 04/20/2019
Seasons come and go and much can be said for each of them. The preparations, the festivities, togetherness, and the burning excitement all sums up the experience. Year after year, we reminisce about t.. Learn More
Here's Exactly Why Experts Recommend Buying One Type Of Disability Insurance Over The Others
Tanza Loudenback | 09/20/2019
If you rely on a steady paycheck to support yourself or your family, you'd be wise to protect that income with disability insurance... Learn More
Is Your Business Adequately Insured For A Hurricane?
Staff | 07/17/2019
To many, Florida is known as the ‘sunshine state’ but truth be told, it’s also known for severe weather, including high winds, heavy rainfall and worst of all, hurricanes. Now that h.. Learn More
Hurricane Damage Insurance And Claims Coverage
Damage from falling trees and flying branches, severe rainfall and flooding are among some of the serious risks for property owners during a hurricane. Here is what you need to know about hurricane da.. Learn More
Meet Raquel Garcia, Commercial Lines Account Manager
Staff | 06/17/2019
Read about Raquel Garcia, our Commercial Lines Account Manager here at Massey, Clark, Fischer... Learn More
The High Price Of Cyber Attacks
Chubb | 06/17/2019
The average price tag for a business to recover after a cyber attack is $400,000, which can be fatal for small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), according to a report published by Chubb. Contact ou.. Learn More
Is Your Home Adequately Insured For A Fire?
Staff | 05/13/2019
After a shockingly devastating fire recently tore through the historic Notre-Dame cathedral, an eight-centuries-old Paris church and historic landmark, it begs the question, is your home and office bu.. Learn More
Will Insurance Pay Up For Notre-Dame Fire?
Oliver Rowland | 05/13/2019
As more than a billion euros in donations have poured in to help rebuild the historic Notre-Dame cathedral some have queried why the French state does not simply make an insurance claim?  Read mo.. Learn More
Risk Management And Your Website
Staff | 04/16/2019
Every day in business, finding creative and tactical means of measuring and managing risks is par for the course for all insurance carriers.  In today's feature, read more about how your website .. Learn More
Is It Time To Review Your Property & Casualty Insurance
Staff | 03/26/2019
It is highly beneficial to have your property and casualty insurance policies reviewed prior to renewal every few years. At Massey, Clark, Fischer, we are a full-service Agency with expertise in all t.. Learn More
Report Identifies P/C Insurance Companies With Best Reputations
Mark Hollmer | 03/26/2019
Insurance Carriers landed in the top spots based on criteria including strong reputation, relevancy, expressiveness (brand strength, informativeness, relevancy), products and services, governance, cit.. Learn More
Massey, Clark, Fischer, Where Relationships Matter!
Staff | 02/14/2019
They say the best relationships are the ones that are built to last. Here at Massey, Clark, Fischer, we are all about relationships! Every person and every business has unique needs and we understand .. Learn More
How Does Your Florida Car Insurer Rank?
Charles Elmore | 02/14/2019
Drivers certainly shop on price and are not exactly “honking their horns” in joy over recent rate hikes, but they are reporting record high satisfaction with the service car insurers provi.. Learn More
After Proudly Celebrating Our 60th Year In Business Last Year, We Welcome 2019 With Open Arms!
Staff | 01/28/2019
In preparation for the year ahead, our team here at Massey, Clark, Fischer would like to extend gratitude and well wishes for the new year to all our clients, friends, employees, insurance company par.. Learn More
Commercial Insurance Rates Generally Forecast To Rise In 2019
Gloria Gonzalez | 01/28/2019
Escalating losses in the property and casualty insurance market are expected to trigger upward pricing pressure across most commercial lines of business in 2019, led by a continued rise in premiums in.. Learn More
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